Announcing the 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience!

  • Feb 6, 2015


Now Accepting Applications

BIT SURE gives students the opportunity to work under one of our BIT instructors on a directed undergraduate research project.  Students will learn new techniques and apply these methods to address a specific research question.  This program gives students access to direct mentorship while developing independent research skills. Students interested in science careers behind the bench in academic, government, or industry labs are likely to benefit from this experience.

The program is open to NCSU undergraduate students that have completed BIT 410 by May 2015.  The program consists of 10 weeks, part-time research under the guidance of one of three Biotechnology instructors and is awarded with a stipend.  In addition to research, students will participate in weekly lab meetings and “Research 101” seminars, which will address relevant research-related topics.  Students who participate in the program will also be required to present their findings at the NC State Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium.  For more details about the program, application forms, as well as research mentors/areas of study, please refer to our website:

Please send application materials or questions to Dr. Laura Ott:

Applications are due Friday March 6, 2015