The MBTP faculty come from diverse research areas, currently representing twelve dfferent departments across the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, and the College of Science.

Program Director:    
Robert Kelly Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering rmkelly@ncsu.edu
Executive Committee:    
Jason Haugh Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering mcflicki@ncsu.edu
David Muddiman Chemistry dcmuddim@ncsu.edu
Nanette Nascone-Yoder Molecular Biomedical Sciences nmnascon@ncsu.edu
Heike Sederoff Plant & Microbial Biology hwsedero@ncsu.edu
Barbara Sherry Molecular Biomedical Sciences bsherry@ncsu.edu
Jeffrey Yoder Molecular Biomedical Sciences jayoder@ncsu.edu
Additional Trainers:    
Rodolph Barrangou Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences rbarran@ncsu.edu
Chase Beisel Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering cbeisel@ncsu.edu
Matthew Breen Molecular Biomedical Sciences mbreen3@ncsu.edu
Ignazio Carbone Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering icarbon@ncsu.edu
Eric Davis Plant Pathology eric_davis@ncsu.edu
Colleen Doherty Molecular & Structural Biochemistry cjdohert@ncsu.edu
Francis de los Reyes Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering fldelosr@ncsu.edu
Michael Flickinger Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering michael_flickinger@ncsu.edu
Bob Franks Plant and Microbial Biology rgfranks@ncsu.edu
Reza Ghiladi Chemistry reza_ghiladi@ncsu.edu
Michael Goshe Molecular & Structural Biochemistry mbgoshe@ncsu.edu
Amy Grunden Plant & Microbial Biology amgrunde@ncsu.edu
Carol Hall Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering hall@ncsu.edu
Linda Hanley-Bowdoin Molecular & Structural Biochemistry lkhanley@ncsu.edu
LeeAnn Jaykus Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences lajaykus@ncsu.edu
Terri Long Plant & Microbial Biology terri_long@ncsu.edu
Heather Patisaul Biological Sciences hbpatisa@ncsu.edu
Balaji Rao Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering bmrao@ncsu.edu
Greg Reeves Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering gregreeves@ncsu.edu
Michael Roe Entomology michael_roe@ncsu.edu
Marcela Rojas-Pierce Plant & Microbial Biology mrojasp@ncsu.edu
Max Scott Entomology max_scott@ncsu.edu
Leslie Sombers Chemistry lasomber@ncsu.edu
Ross Sozzani Plant & Microbial Biology rsozzan@ncsu.edu
Orlin Velev Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering lasomber@ncsu.edu
Keith Weninger Physics krwening@ncsu.edu
Cranos Williams Electrical & Computer Engineering cmwilli5@ncsu.edu
Gavin Williams Chemistry gjwillia@ncsu.edu