Training and fellowships


 Molecular Biotechnology Training Program (MBTP) for Graduate Students

The MBTPis a multi-disciplinary predoctoral research training program available to PhD students enrolled in relevant doctoral research programs across NC State and designed to foster training in biotechnology fields for future academic, government, and industrial researchers.  


Coursework: Trainees complete the Biotechnology Minor in addition to major department courseworks. Students will also participate in other course requirements during the traineeship include instruction in Research Ethics, Professional Development, and a Capstone Biotechnology course which offers case studies and the opportunity to work with students from different disciplines on a design project. A Research Ethics refresher course-offered online-is also required prior to graduation.

Presentations: participate in the annual MBTP Symposium.

Industry Rotation or Teaching Experience: Trainees participate in a 3 month, or longer, internship in a biotechnological industry laboratory. This experience will be arranged for by the student's faculty advisor and approved by the MBTP Executive Committee.  Alternatively, students can choose to pursue teaching experience through graduate teacher training and experience.

Service Project: Trainees will propose and complete a service project that is intended to foster the development of biotechnology by encouraging this career route among K-12 or undergraduate students.

Reports: Prepare an Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Annual Progress Reports to be reviewed annually with the faculty mentor and submitted to the program administration.


While any PhD student can participate in the program, trainees can not apply for funding as described below; students who are eligible to receive support must be nominated by MBTP faculty.  

*NIH/NCSU Molecular Biotechnology Training

*GAANN Fellowship Program in Biotechnology



Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

BIT SURE provides a funded Summer research opportunity for undergraduate students under the direct mentorship of the Biotechnology Program faculty and instructors.  Students must have completed BIT 410 by May 2016 to apply to participate in the 2016 summer program. Applications are due in February-check back for additional information and forms.