The Biotechnology (BIT) Program at NC State offers a wide variety of laboratory-based courses that cover core, in addition to emerging, aspects of molecular biology.

Robert M. Kelly, Director

Scott Witherow, NCSU Biotechnology postdoc

Featured course

BIT 495/595

Genome Engineering: CRISPR Technology

Crisprimage . . . Learn to use the systems revolutionizing the field of genome editing!

BIT 495/595

Yeast Metabolic Engineering

Yeast Find out about yeast and how it can be a useful research tool for generating biologically important products.

BIT 595

Metabolomics and Fluxomics

Metabolomics Examine cellular processes and rates of these metabolic reactions in biological systems. *Note: this class will be lecture/discussion format only in 2015.


The latest in biotechnology


Nature Communications

Cephalopod-inspired electro-mechano-chemically responsive elastomer

Scientists at Duke University and MIT have developed a new product that mimics the skin of cephalopods. Many members of this class of animals, which includes octopuses and cuttlefish, have the ability to quickly change the color of their skin in order to camouflage themselves in their environment. Taking a page from this biology, Stephen L. Craig, Xuanhe Zhao, and others have created an elastomer that responds to signals to produce texture and color changes similar to what a cephalopod might use to evade a predator.