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NC State has developed central teaching laboratory facilities to serve the campus community training and education needs in molecular biology skills.

Robert M. Kelly, Director

Featured course

BIT 495/595

High-throughput Discovery

Hts Design, validate, and perform cutting-edge high-throughput screens in this new class!

BIT 495/595

Insect Genome Manipulation

Insect Learn about current technologies for genome modification and manipulation of gene expression, using insects as the model system.



    Here is a link to a printable list of courses offered in the next semester.

  • BITS-check it out!

    Oerlogo1 BITS is a new open education resource (OER) containing unique presentations of information on biotechnology-related topics, all created and evaluated by students. Click the BITS link above!

  • Now Available...

    Biotechnology Graduate Certificate! If you are not eligible for the BIT minor but want biotechnology experience, check out the MINORS AND CERTIFICATE link above for information and requirements.

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NC State partners with North Carolina School for the Deaf

The BIT program is making its classroom resources available beyond NC State to serve students with disabilities at other schools.