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NC State has developed central teaching laboratory facilities to serve the campus community training and education needs in molecular biology skills.

Robert M. Kelly, Director

Featured course

BIT 495/595

Next-gen Forensic DNA Analysis

Forensics New for Fall 2016! Learn principles of forensic DNA sample analysis and bioinformatics. Students will develop a project, collect samples and conduct the analysis.

BIT 495/595


Epigenetics *New*-Assess alterations in epigenetic markers during cell differentiation and stress responses in mammalian tissue culture and plant systems.



    Here is a link to a printable list of courses offered in the next semester.

  • BITS-check it out!

    Oerlogo1 BITS is a new open education resource (OER) containing unique presentations of information on biotechnology-related topics, all created and evaluated by students. Click the BITS link above!

  • Now Available...

    Biotechnology Graduate Certificate! If you are not eligible for the BIT minor but want biotechnology experience, check out the MINORS AND CERTIFICATE link above for information and requirements.

The latest in biotechnology


Synthetic Bacteria with Smallest Genome

Craig Venter has created a synthetic cell that contains the smallest genome of any known, independent organism.

Science Daily

Cellular Trojan Horse

There is new evidence for a potential cancer treatment that leverages microparticles and mesenchymal stem cells.