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BIT 295: Biotechnology and Sustainability


  • Students will evaluate the challenges of sustainable recycling of electronic waste and possible solutions using biotechnology.
  • Students will design and develop approaches that incorporate sustainability and biotechnology to address wicked challenges such as the accumulation of discarded electronics


  1. Why is the sustainable disposal of electronic waste a global and challenging problem?
  2. Principles of Sustainability
  3. The Scientific Method
  4. Introduction to Biotechnology
  5. Reading Critically as a Community of Scholars
  6. Experimental Design
  7. Demystifying Big Data & High-throughput Approaches
  8. Communicating Science with the Public

Lab Sessions:

  1. Introduction to genes, genomes, and pangenomes -3 weeks
  2. Studying communities of microbes and their environments -3 weeks
  3. Designing your experiments -2 weeks
  4. Troubleshooting, incorporating feedback, and reevaluating -3 weeks
  5. Analyzing your data -3 weeks
  6. Presenting your case -1 week 

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