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BIT 495/595: Cancer Drug Development and Discovery

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to cancer biology, pre-clinical models in cancer research and specific drug target groups.
  • Students work collaboratively to perform high-throughput (HT) drug and content screens in human  cancer cells to identify and validate compounds that serves as substrates for an enzyme over-expressed  in solid tumors.
Cell background with futuristic interface elements vector image.


  1. Etiology of cancer 
  2. Signaling pathways involved in cancer progression 
  3. Cancer therapeutics 
  4. The drug development process 
  5. Pre-clinical cancer models and clinical trials 
  6. Future of precision medicine


  • Tissue culture sterile technique (Week 1) 
  • High-throughput drug screenings to detect active drug-like compounds against human breast cancer (Weeks 1-3)
  • In silico structure-activity relationship modeling of drug hits (Week 4) 
  • Secondary validation of putative hit compounds using students’-choice of HT content screenings (Weeks 5-7)

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