2022 MBTP Poster Presentations

1Ravi AppalabhotlaCBEExperimental interrogation of PLC/PKC signaling in murine fibroblasts
2Deaja SandersMBIn silico screening of polyethylene terephthalate hydrolase-like enzymes from Bacillus spp. isolated from worn polyester garments
3Xin DongCBEExploring residue roles in CATCH peptide co-assembly
4Julia GrzymkowskiTOXHerbicide induced oxidative stress and metabolic dysfunction leads to defects in intestinal morphogenesis
5Imani MadisonPMBIron deficiency stress delays phloem sieve element cell differentiation and enucleation
6Sam McMillanGNDifferential response to bile acid stress by Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron is dependent on bile altering enzymes
7Melissa MitchlerCHBiosensor-guided engineering of pathways for polyketide biosynthetic precursors
8Dan WillardCBEThe Life Sulfuric: Understanding sulfur oxidation in thermoacidophiles through comparative genomics and thermodynamics
9Leandra CaywoodCBEMapping the dynamic transfer functions of eukaryotic gene regulation longitudinally in single cells
10Edmaritz Hernandez PaganBCHEngineering of a plant system to selectively harvest individual rare earth elements from soils and water
11Michael BergmanCBEComputational design of plastic-binding peptides for microplastic remediation
12Magdelene LeeCBEHybrid protein-DNA systems to augment biomolecular data storage capacities
13Chanae OttleyEEAutomating severity assessment of southern leaf blight in corn leaves using machine learning
14Anastasia SheridanBMEFibrin-specific pNIPAM nanogels for targeted delivery of fibrinolytics and anticoagulants to treat thrombotic
15Shawn Van BruggenCBEElucidating the morphodynamics of fibroblast haptotaxis
16Anna YaschenkoPMBLeveraging synthetic promoters to control gene expression
17Savanna SmithCCEMicrobial community assembly in engineered bioreactors: theory, methodology, and
selected case studies
18Lilian OkelloCBENovel stability assays for biopharmaceuticals and vaccine adjuvants using time-dependent dynamic light scattering analysis
19Jon KizerPMBPlant responses to plasma-activated water
20Echo PanFGCharacterization and applications of the endogenous CRISPR-Cas systems in Bifidobacterium species
21Andrew RatchfordMBDiscovering antimicrobial mechanisms of action for synthesized natural products
22Alison WaldmanCBEMapping the residue specificities of epigenomic enzymes using yeast surface display
23Tunyaboon LaemthongCBEEngineering the cell surface of Caldicellulosiruptor bescii for improved
release of fermentable sugars from plant biomass
24Drew KochCSIL-1ß licensing of mesenchymal stem cells increases expression of genes beneficial to tendon development and healing 
25Rosemary BaylessCSWithaferin A promotes timely neutrophil apoptosis but does not compromise short-term neutrophil viability
26Ryan BingCBEReplacing oil with plants for the bioproduct future:
Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into volatile industrial chemicals by the extreme
27Sneha MukherjeeCBEDevelopment of capillary-osmotic wearable patches for sweat analysis of K+, lactate and cortisol via lateral flow assays