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BIT SURE: BIoTechnology-based Sequencing-based Undergraduate Research Experience

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BIT SURE 2019 participants pose for group photograph at the end of the summer 2019 program.

Photo credit: Dr. Laura Schenkman
BIT SURE REU and NC State BIT SURE participants from 2019.

Are you interested in working on cutting-edge biotechnology projects?  Would you like to enhance your undergraduate experience and work collaboratively with faculty and peers on research in your area of interest? Do you want to learn more about biotechnology research careers in academia, industry, and government?  Do you want to share exciting science with the public?  If yes, BIT SURE is for you! 

Join the NC State Pack for ten weeks to develop your skills as a scientist over a summer of research, collaboration, professional development, science outreach, and fun!  Students will receive a stipend ($5,500 for ten weeks of research), lodging in Wolf Village student apartments, funds for travel, and a daily food allowance. Requests for reasonable accommodations made by individuals with disabilities in all facilities will be honored. **BIT SURE will run May-August 2020**

Exciting science and collaborations!

See the flyer HERE for more information!  *APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 14, 2020*

Research Projects & Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology The BIT SURE program will fund ten undergraduate students to work on research projects that utilize transformative next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools. 

What is NGS? Over a decade ago, the first human genome was sequenced. The project cost $2.7 billion and took over 10 years to complete. Today we can sequence a single human genome in a day for under $1,000 and we have moved way beyond the goal of revealing a single person’s DNA sequence! NGS tools have made this possible and opened a whole new world of scientific investigation.  Scientists are using NGS technologies to explore every niche of the life sciences, from the microbiomes of patients with obesity to the cataloging of arthropod diversity in human homes. NGS tools are transforming the way modern biologists conduct research. Our future holds a world where researchers work with “pocket sequencers” that can deliver massive amounts of sequencing data in real-time. Today’s science students require new skills and knowledge to effectively use this technology and its resulting complex data to answer tomorrow’s important biological questions. BIT SURE is your chance to learn how to tackle these “Big Data” grand challenges of our future. 

Check out cool videos featuring potential research mentors and their projects!