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2022 MBTP Poster Presentations

#Name ProgramTitle
1Leandra CaywoodCBEMapping the dynamic transfer functions of eukaryotic gene regulation longitudinally in single cells
2Edmaritz Hernandez PaganBCH
3Kaylie KirkwoodCHBiomonitoring of past and present pollutants using pine needles
4Michael BergmanCBE
5Anna YaschenkoPMB
6Anastasia SheridanBME
7Chanae OttleyECE
8Magdelene LeeCBE
9Kenya GordonPHY
10Bethanie CooperCBS
11James DuduitHS
12Megan FranklinPMB
13Rachel GagliardiCBSA novel in vitro model of osteoarthritis utilizing fibronectin fragment stimulated equine synoviocytes and chondrocytes
14Charlotte ManvellCBSThe association of host and vector characteristics with Ctenocephalides felis pathogen and endosymbiont infection
15Andrew RatchfordMBLipoxazolidinone natural product derivative displays potent in vitro antibiofilm activity
16Victoria YarmeyBME
17John BrittGN
18Blake HortonBCH
19Alena JoignantCHModified optical train for improved NextGen IR-MALDESI mass spectrometry imaging of biospecimens
20John JoyceMB
21Samantha KisthardtMBMicrobial derived bile acids inhibit C. difficile growth and pathogenicity while sparing other members of the gut microbiota
22Rachel PolakGN
23M. Alejandro Valdes PenaCH2,3-Pyrrolidinediones: a tunable technology to fight antimicrobial resistance and persistence
24Melissa MitchlerCHEngineering a methymalonyl-CoA specific transcription factor-based biosensor for in situ polyketide extender unit detection
25Anne-Marie PullenPMBStudying the regulation of vacuole fusion in guard cells by (de)phosphorylation of HOPS
26Taylor GinCBS
27Elizabeth RoseCBS
28Mohamad Javad Haghighat ManeshCBE