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BIT 100: Current Topics in Biotechnology


  • Provides science and non-science majors an opportunity to learn about current issues in biotechnology that play a role in our society
  • Fulfills a Natural Sciences GEP requirement
  • Engages students in lecture and lab planning, designing, and executing molecular biotechnology experiments

Lecture Topics:

  • Introduction to biotechnology, fermentation and “tasty” biotechnology, introduction to molecular and cell biology
  • Proteins, enzymes, polymerase chain reaction and DNA sequencing
  • The Human Genome Project, bioremediation, biofuels
  • Genetically modified foods, stem cells, gene therapy
  • Pharmaceuticals, transgenic animals, cloning


  • Oil Spill Disaster: Exploring Bioremediation
  • What’s Living in the Human Belly Button?:  Determining the Genetic Diversity of Microbes
  • Is Your Favorite Food Genetically Modified?: Investigating Genetic Engineering
  • Silencing Genes on Command: Using RNA Interference to Alter Stem Cell Function
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Examining Disease Transmission Using Biotechnology