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Spring 2021

BIT 295: Biotechnology and Sustainability

BIT 402/502: Networking and Professional Development

3D render of a DNA spiral

BIT 410/510: Manipulation of Recombinant DNA: Core Technologies in Molecular Biology

BIT 464/564: Protein Purification

BIT 465/565: Real-Time PCR

BIT 466/566: Animal Cell Culture Techniques

BIT 471/571: RNAi

BIT 479/579: High Throughput Discovery

BIT 480/580: Yeast Metabolic Engineering

BIT 495/595: Next-Gen Forensic DNA Analysis

BIT 495/595: RNA World

BIT 495/595: Virus Biotechnology: Pathogens to Therapeutics

BIT 495/595: Genome Engineering: CRISPR Technology

BIT 595: Confocal

BIT 501: Ethical Issues in Biotechnology

BIT 815: Rigor & Reproducibility in Research

BIT 815: Deep Sequencing Analysis