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Undergraduate Minor Requirements

Declaring the Biotechnology Minor

To declare your intent to minor in Biotechnology, please visit the Student Services Add a Minor Page BEFORE applying to graduate. 

Group A (Preparatory Courses)

  • BIO 183 -Introduction to Biology I: Cellular and Molecular Biology (4 credits)
  • CH 223 – Organic Chemistry II (4 credits)

Group B (4 credits)

One of these courses should be taken during the junior or senior year, prior to or concurrently with the research internship in Group D. BIT 410 is the preferred course for students to take and will be offered in both fall and spring semesters.

  • BIT 410 – Manipulation of Recombinant DNA (4 credits)
  • BCH 454 – Advanced Biochemistry Lab (4 credits) may be substituted for BIT 410 as a pre-requisite for some advanced modules

Group C (4-5 credit hours)

These courses will be offered in pairs of 7.5-week modules during the Fall and Spring semesters. You may combine any two of these advanced laboratory module courses.  BIT laboratory courses are regularly added and updated to cover new biotechnology techniques.  Use the COURSES tab at the top of the page to view the courses available by semester. 

*Note that although all of the advanced laboratory module courses will count towards the minor, some will not appear to be designated as Group C on a student’s degree audit automatically.  This will be updated prior to graduation approval. If this needs to be modified sooner, please contact Dr. Schenkman.

Group D (3 credit hours)

A 3 credit (or equivalent non-credit) research experience in a field related to biotechnology is strongly recommended. This should be done through your major department if possible. Most majors have 492- or 493-level courses for an independent research experience. Requirement MUST include molecular biotechnology laboratory research. Some of the existing courses that fulfill this requirement include:

  • Many 492 or 493 courses in science departments or
  • HON 498 Honors Research CHE 497 or
  • Undergraduate Research (3 cr equivalent) – must be related to biotechnology.

Share a description of your research project and the course number, if applicable, with Dr. Carlos C. Goller to confirm it will be accepted. Please complete this short form.

There are many opportunities for summer internships in the Research Triangle Park. Please consult with your advisor, the coordinator of advising for your major, Director of University Advising and Exploratory Studies Shannon Pugh (, or Tricia Buddin ( in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Career Services Office at 515-3249, or a BIT advisor:  Dr. Carlos C. Goller (, Dr. Melissa Srougi (, or Dr. Stefanie Chen (

An additional 2 credit BIT advanced laboratory course (Group C) plus a 1 credit Biotechnology Professional Development course (BIT 402/502) may be taken as a substitute for the research requirement.

COVID-19 provision: A remote research option is available in special circumstances after discussion with BIT Faculty. 

Group E (1-3 credits)

You must enroll for 1-3 credits of courses that include ethical discussions of biotechnology.
Any of the following courses will fulfill this requirement. Other courses may be used with departmental approval.

  • IDS 201 – Environmental Ethics (3 credits)
  • STS 302 – Contemporary Science, Technology & Human Values (3 credits)
  • IDS 303 – Humans and the Environment (3 credits)
  • STS 304 – Ethical Dimensions of Progress (3 credits)
  • PHI 325 – Bio-Medical Ethics (3 credits)
  • STS 325 – Bio-Medical Ethics (3 credits)
  • CS 224 – Seeds, Biotechnology, and Society
  • BIT 501 – Issues in Biotechnology