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BIT 295: Biotechnology and Sustainability


  • Students will evaluate the challenges of sustainable recycling of electronic waste and possible solutions using biotechnology.
  • Students will design and develop approaches that incorporate sustainability and biotechnology to address wicked challenges such as the accumulation of discarded electronics


  • Why is the sustainable disposal of electronic waste a global and challenging problem?
  • Principles of Sustainability
  • The Scientific Method
  • Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Reading Critically as a Community of Scholars
  • Experimental Design
  • Demystifying Big Data & High-throughput Approaches
  • Communicating Science with the Public

Lab Sessions:

  • Introduction to genes, genomes, and pangenomes -3 weeks
  • Studying communities of microbes and their environments -3 weeks
  • Designing your experiments -2 weeks
  • Troubleshooting, incorporating feedback, and reevaluating -3 weeks
  • Analyzing your data -3 weeks
  • Presenting your case -1 week 

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