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BIT 474/574: Plant Genetic Engineering


  • To introduce students to the methods and technologies for plant transformation, detection of transgene expression and selection of mutant plants
  • To help students develop genetic engineering protocols and design hypotheses that can be tested using plant genetic engineering


  • Intro to Plant Genetic Engineering (PGE)
  • Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation
  • Trait Delivery Systems
  • PGE Vector Design
  • Exploration of New Genetic Elements for PGE
  • Screening and Selection of Considerations and Challenges
  • Ethics and Regulation of Engineered Plants


  • Floral dip, agroinfiltration, microparticle bombardment, and abrasion transformation of plants (Arabidopsis/tobacco)
  • Selection and detection of transgenic or genome edited plants (Arabidopsis/tobacco/algae)
  • CRISPR knockout of phytoene synthase (algae)
  • Formulate a testable hypothesis and design a genetic engineering protocol for a non-model plant