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BIT 482/582 Virus Biotechnology: Pathogens to Therapeutics


  • Introduction to molecular mechanisms of viral replication and pathogenicity
  • Methods in detection and characterization of viral infections
  • Engineering viruses for biotechnology purposes
  • Development of viral reagents for pharmaceutical and biomedical products
virus biotechnology illustration

Lecture Topics:

  1. The variety of viruses (taxonomic diversity)
  2. Molecular biology of viral replication
  3. Viral pathogenesis and disease
  4. Working with viruses: Biosafety
  5. Vaccines and antiviral pharmaceuticals
  6. Virus engineering and gene therapeutics
  7. The art of detection: Viromics

Lab Topics:

  1. Rate of Infection and MOI – Bacteriophage
  2. Virus infection of tissue cultures
  3. Cytopathic effect, virus replication and gene expression – Ranavirus
  4. Cell transduction and exogenous gene expression – Baculovirus

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