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BIT 495/595: Comparative Plant Transcriptomics


  • Students will explore Next Generaftion Sequencing (NGS) technologies to analyze high throughput RNA-seq data.
  • Students will compare their RNA sequencing data sets to identify patterns across multiple species.

Interested in the growing demand for NGS data?

  • NGS research is pervasive in plant molecular biology research!
  • Its imperative to educate emerging scientists with NGS experimental and bioinformatic skill sets!
  • Employers are looking for biologists with computational skills!
  • More graduate research projects are incorporating experimental approaches using NGS!
  • Enroll in BIT 495/595 Comparative Plant Transcriptomics!


  • Overview of Next Generation Sequencing technologies
  • How to design your RNA-seq experiments
  • Linux for biologists
  • Building a refernce transcriptome and aligning sequence data
  • Quantification and normallization of sequence reads
  • Differential Expression Analysis and GO Term enrichment
  • Comparing divergence in orthology, synteny, and expression patterns across plant species
  • Embracing diversity in model organism comparisons

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