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BIT 495/595: Fly-ing Beyond the Transcriptome: Transcriptional Regulation and Gene Networks


  • Students will use publicly available Drosophila transcriptome data to identify patterns of gene expression across conditions
  • Using identified groups of genes, students will complete motif enrichment analysis to examine regulatory sequences in upstream regions of the genes
  • Students will synthesize findings to construct a model of gene regulation and outline future experimental testing and hypotheses


  1. Introduction to differential gene expression and RNA-sequencing
  1. Bioinformatics tools for identifying enriched
    sequences in gene regulatory regions
  2. Transcription factors and transcription factor
    binding sites
  3. Gene regulatory network analysis: GO analysis and
    KEGG pathways

The course will be designed to allow students to explore RNA-sequencing data, build confidence using computational tools for analysis, and connect findings from sequencing data to regulatory networks!