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BIT 495/595 Quantitative Microscopy Image Analysis


  • To introduce students to a variety of methods for extracting quantitative data from microscopy images
  • Students will practice image analysis techniques on a wide range of subjects including different organisms and biological systems
  • Students will produce microscopic images suitable for image analysis, assess which features are appropriate to analyze in order to answer a scientific question of interest, and then measure those features with software tools


    • Microscopy
    • Ethics and Pitfalls to Image Acquisition
    • What are Images?
    • Overview of Image Features
    • Introduction to Image Analysis Software
    • Fluorescence
    • Localization & 3D Imaging
    • Timelapses
    • Specialized Microscopy Techniques


    • Basic Microscopy
    • Number & Morphology
    • Fluorescence Intensity
    • Localization
    • Timelapses
    • Confocal Field Trip