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BIT 572: Proteomics


  • Introduce students to a variety of methods for identifying, quantifying and characterizing proteins by modern mass spectrometric approaches.
  • Using a cell culture, students will perform a total protein digestion for downstream reverse phase separation using nano ultra high pressure liquid chromatography and quantification with the Thermo Scientific Exploris-480 mass spectrometer. Solution-based and PAGE-based proteomics are explored, along with strategies for Protein Quantification.


  • From Genomics to Proteomics
  • Intro to Mass Spectrometry
  • Quantitative Proteomics Overview
  • Relative Protein Quantification
  • Absolute Protein Quantification
  • –OMICS Research: Contemporary Directions


  • Protein Sample Preparation and Quantification, 1D-SDS-PAGE
  • In-Gel Digestion of Proteins
  • Filter-Aided Sample Preparation (FASP) – Protein Digestion
  • Phosphoproteomics: Enrichment of Phosphoproteins
  • Bioinformatic Analysis of Data
  • SRM/MRM/PRM for Protein Quantification

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