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IPERT Summer 2022 Workshops

Photo from IPERT Summer 2022 workshop. Photo by Dr. Stefanie Chen.
Photo from IPERT Summer 2022 workshop. Group in Jordan Hall classroom during POGIL workshop. Photo by Dr. Stefanie Chen.

On June 14- 17, partners visited the NC State Biotechnology Program to discuss the implementation and assessment of Molecular Biotechnology Education Modules (MBLEMs), share feedback, perform lab experiments, and learn about POGIL, inclusivity statements, and new technologies.

VIDEO: IPERT Summer Workshops 2022 (1:30 min).

Summarized Agenda

June 14
June 15
June 16
Friday, June 17
Morning11:00 AM
Introduction and icebreaker

Activity 1: Sanger sequencing activity 
9:00 AM
Lab Demo #1B:CaMPARI results

Lab Demo #2A: NGS or Nanopore demo.Slides
9:00 AM – noon
POGIL Workshop (part 1) facilitator: Marty Perry
9:00 AM – noon
Affinity Groups: CRISPR, Sf9 cells, protein purification, others

Discussion of Future MBLEMs: Working discussion with sharing of products

GEP Tutorial with Marisol S.
Carolina Cafe
Panera Bread
Panera Bread
On your own
Afternoon1:00 PM
Lab Demo #1A: pET41-CaMPARI assembly and cloning

3:00 PM
Discussion Topic: CaMPARI cloning sticking points
1:00 PM 
Inclusive statement workshop with Chavella Pittman (virtual)Zoom link

2:30 PM 
Lab Miroculus Demo #2B: Miroculus Canvas demo Nanopore and sequencing data analyses Slides
1:00 – 4:00 PM
POGIL Workshop (part 2)

4:00 PM
DinnerOn your ownGroup dinner at Tacos El PatrĂ³n (outside)On your own
Summarized Schedule


Please let us know if additional members of your team would benefit from access to these resources.