MBTP Annual Report

MBTP Students-please complete this report form by April 2, 2021

MBTP Annual Report (2021)

  • Have you added the Biotechnology Minor to your Plan of Work?
  • Please indicate the faculty member on your thesis committee who serves as the MBTP and minor representative
  • Have you created an IDP-Individual Development Plan?
  • Please provide your ORCID (required for publications) if you have created one.
  • Research

  • Professional Development

  • Please describe any related activities, memberships, workshops, or conferences attended
  • Please list complete citations. Include any papers submitted or in press. (*Remember to acknowledge 1T32GM133366 funding in your manuscripts.)
  • Program Requirements

  • Briefly describe any outreach programs or projects, including where and when you participated. Alternatively, describe your plans to complete this requirement.
  • Please briefly describe your project and include: company name, location, dates of the rotation, and your opinion about the experience. Alternatively, indicate where and when you propose to complete this requirement.