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MBTP Annual Report

MBTP Students-please complete this report form by April 30, 2024

MBTP Annual Report 2024

"*" indicates required fields

Have you added the Biotechnology Minor to your Plan of Work?
Please indicate the faculty member on your thesis committee who serves as the MBTP and minor representative. This can NOT be the same as your PI.
Have you created an IDP-Individual Development Plan?
Please provide your ORCID if you have created one.


Professional Development

Please describe any related activities, memberships, workshops, or conferences attended
Please list complete citations. Include any papers submitted or in press. (*Remember to acknowledge funding support from grant NIH 1T32GM133366 or US Department of Education GAANN P200A210002 in your manuscripts.)

Program Requirements

Briefly describe any outreach programs or projects, including where and when you participated. Alternatively, describe your plans to complete this requirement.
Please briefly describe your project and include: company name, location, dates of the rotation, and your opinion about the experience. Alternatively, indicate where and when you propose to complete this requirement.

Please provide details for your plan to fulfill the two semester teaching requirement, including course name and number, supervising faculty, and dates completed or planned. List any teaching and communication workshops you have completed.