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Training Data

NIH 5T32GM133366: Robert M. Kelly and Jason Haugh

Average time to degree: 5.5 years

Percentage of students who successfully attain a PhD:  Of the 119 trainees supported by the Molecular Biotechnology Training Program since it began in 2000, 79 have successfully completed their PhDs and an additional 16 are currently in progress (80% have either completed or are on track to complete their PhD).

Average number of publications per student among those who complete PhDs: The MBTP trainees who have completed their PhD degrees have published on their dissertation research an average of 3.8 papers and are first authors on 2.3 papers.

Percentage of URMs and students with disabilities who successfully complete a PhD:  20 of the trainees (17%) have been from underrepresented groups.  Of the students from underrepresented groups who have completed the training program or are still enrolled, 40% have completed PhDs and 30% are still enrolled. 

After completing a PhD degree, our students have gone on to careers in the following areas: