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Program Professional Development Opportunities

The BIT SURE program offers numerous professional development opportunities that will enrich your experience and help strengthen your professional network.

BIT SURE Program Professional Development Opportunities

The summer begins with a one-week intensive course that includes lab safety, use of electronic lab notebook systems, pipetting basics, and aseptic technique. Participants then learn about high-throughput sequencing or next-generation sequencing (NGS) through a series of videos and homework assignments. BIT SURE students also learn about processing sequence reads and use bioinformatics software to analyze sequencing results. During the course, pairs of students present research on different applications of NGS.

Diversity and Research Ethics Workshops

BIT SURE participants attend a series of workshops that focus on raising awareness of inclusivity in science and research ethics.

Service Team Outreach Workshops (STOW)

Three weekly workshops help prepare BIT SURE teams to design an outreach activity for a STEM summer camp at the North Carolina School for the Deaf (NCSD) in Morganton, NC. Participants travel to NCSD for two days of activities.

Graduate Student and Biotechnology Career Panels

Two events allow participants to meet graduate students and biotechnology professionals to learn about their career trajectories.

Funding Graduate School and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Workshops with advice for graduate student applicants and those interested in applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

One-on-one Advising Appointments

Students gain career advice, learn about their personality, and conduct informational interviews.

Seminar Series

A weekly seminar series features researchers from different universities in the Research Triangle and beyond that use next-generation sequencing in their projects.

Poster Practice and Design Sessions