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BIT 466/566: Animal Cell Culture Techniques


  • Acquire the necessary practical skills for the isolation of animals cells for in vitro studies,  maintenance of animal cells in vitro and manipulation of animal cells in vitro.
  • Prepare and use cells for the application of molecular techniques.
Tissue culture flasks in incubator.


  1. Introduction to cell culture 
  2. Design of the cell culture laboratory  
  3. Media preparation and formulations  
  4. Primary cell culture  
  5. Maintaining cells: Contamination and storage  
  6. Eukaryotic gene transfer  
  7. Immunohistochemistry 


  1. Safety orientation and basic aseptic technique
    1. 1 week
  2. Methods of media preparation and sterilization
    1. 1 week
  3. Primary cell culture
    1. 2 weeks
  4. Cell preservation and measures of cell viability
    1. 1 week
  5. Eukaryotic gene transfer
    1. 1 week
  6. Immunohistochemistry
    1. 1 week

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