“Molecular Biotechnology comprises a set of universal
laboratory skills that complement academic preparation
in disciplines impacted by the life sciences.”


Molecular Biotechnology Education

The Biotechnology Program (BIT) at NC State University.

About the image: In the BIT Organoids course, students use mouse intestinal organoids to study cancer initiation. Students transfect organoids with CRISPR/Cas9 editing tools to delete the gene Apc and a second gene of interest. Apc is an important part of the Wnt pathway, and disrupted Wnt signaling is a key early change that happens in intestinal cancer. This image shows a brightfield image of a CRISPR/Cas9-editing Apc-knockout organoid that is thriving in conditions that have killed the non-knockout cells around it. Image credits: Taylor Roberts (transfection) and Ravi Appalabhotla (CRISPR knockout) in Dr. Leigh Ann Samsa’s class.

New courses: RNA World, Directed Evolution, and Synthetic Biology.

New publications: Dr. Stefanie Chen published a study on BIT Protein Interactions course. The BIT 410/510 course redesign publication has been accepted!

New collaborations: BIT leads multi-institution project to expand Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory Education Modules (MBLEMs) with five partner institutions.

Special Event: 2020 MBTP Symposium in November, click HERE for details.

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