“Molecular Biotechnology comprises a set of universal
laboratory skills that complement academic preparation
in disciplines impacted by the life sciences.”


Molecular Biotechnology Education

The Biotechnology Program (BIT) at NC State University.

About the image: Dr. Arnab Sengupta, a biotechnology instructor here at NC State, reported the structural organization of the ribosomal small subunit. Using a single-molecule correlated chemical probing strategy, RING-MaP, this paper describes how through-space communication changes within the ribosome upon antibiotic binding. Furthermore, RING-MaP is applied here to redefine the domain architecture of the ribosomal small-subunit. Image credits: Sengupta et. al., PLOS Biology, 2019.

New award! Congratulations to Dr. Dums for receiving a Postdoctoral Meeting Award to present his pedagogical work on growth mindset at the ASBMB 2021 National Meeting.

New DELTA Course Design Grant:  The BIT team received a DELTA Course Design Grant to develop an online BIT 410/510 course: EASEE Enhancing Access to Science Through Equitable online Education.”

Re-designed course launched this fall: BIT 474/574: Plant Genetic Engineering

New publications: Dr. Arnab Sengupta published his research in the prestigious journal Nature Communications!

van der Stel, AX., Gordon, E.R., Sengupta, A. et al. Structural basis for the tryptophan sensitivity of TnaC-mediated ribosome stalling. Nat Commun 12, 5340 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-021-25663-8

Collaborations: BIT leads a multi-institution project to expand Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory Education Modules (MBLEMs) with five partner institutions.

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