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2024 BIT Summer Undergraduate Research Experience with NC State Biotechnology

BIT SURE 2022 Participants. From left to right, back row: Sofiia Asadchykh, Elise Van Zele, Nicolas Mastrovito, Thomas Morgan, Gabrielle Schuh, Riley Morgan; center row: Parker Gorman, Taylor Parker, Chloe Cernoch, Danielle Smith, Meghan Johnson; bottom row: Samuel Doak, Richard Perez.
BIT SURE researchers participate in a variety of activities, including (clockwise from top left) a team-building ropes course, science art (featuring pipe cleaner phage and virus snowflakes), and presenting at the NCSU Summer Research & Creativity Symposium.

BIT SURE gives students the opportunity to work under one of our BIT instructors on a directed undergraduate research project.  Students will learn new techniques and apply these methods to address a specific research project.  This program gives students access to direct mentorship while developing independent research skills. Students interested in science careers behind the bench in academic, government, or industry labs are likely to benefit from this experience. Former students have published research in peer-reviewed journals. See a recent publication from a 2016 NC State graduate here!

The program is open to NC State undergraduate students. The program consists of paid, part-time in-person, hybrid, or remote research (depending on the project) under the guidance of one of the Biotechnology instructors. Students who participate in the program will be required to present their findings at the NC State Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium on July 26, 2024. Please send questions to Dr. Phillip Brown.

Program Dates: May 20 – July 26, 2024

BIT SURE Mentors 2024:

Meet the mentors!

Click on the topics for descriptions of the research.

Dr. Phillip Brown – Microbiology / Molecular Biology

Dr. David Bullock – Plant Molecular Biology / Molecular Biology / Crop genetic engineering

Dr. Emily Cartwright – Gene Regulation / Developmental Biology / Bioinformatics

Dr. Stefanie Chen – DNA Repair / Directed Evolution

Dr. Carlos C. Goller – Microbiology / High-throughput Discovery / Open Education Research

Dr. Raymond Haggerty – Microscopy / Computational Biology

Dr. Hayden Huggins – Developmental Biology / Post-transcriptional Regulation

Dr. Sophie Noel – Assay Development

Dr. Melissa Srougi – Cancer Biology / Chemotherapeutics