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Nov 17, 2022

Introducing…Assay Development!

The time has come for Dr. Noel, one of the BIT Program’s teaching postdocs who started in the Spring semester of 2022, to offer her unique BIT module to students. Inspired by her work at Baebies, she has spent the last year designing a course that allows students to utilize immunology while designing a functional… 

Oct 31, 2022

Meet Dr. Cartwright!

The pre-health to pre-research track is one often taken by biological sciences students, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular: science is really cool! A few years ago, Dr. Emily Cartwright was one of those students and is now one of the BIT Program’s newest teaching postdoctoral scholars. Coming all the way from California,… 

Oct 14, 2022

Meet Dr. Bullock!

If you know anything about the BIT faculty, it’s that they are some of the most welcoming people you will ever come across. Dr. David Bullock, one of the BIT Program’s newest teaching postdoctoral fellows, is certainly no exception. Just minutes into the interview, I could already tell he is going to make a great… 

Oct 5, 2022

Meet Madison!

Every year the BIT program hires a recently graduated student to serve as their post-baccalaureate lab assistant. The position is held for one year, paid, and a great opportunity for a recent graduate who is looking for more research experience and/or time before continuing their education or entering the workforce. A lot of hands and… 

Sep 27, 2022

BIT SURE 2022 Participants Experience Research Outside of the Classroom

(Taylor Parker) As students get back into the swing of school, the Biotechnology Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (BIT SURE) participants find themselves looking back on their summer with the NC State Biotechnology Program. Each of the 14 students spent their summer working directly under a selected BIT instructor on a project relating to their specialty. The…