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BIT 495/595: Comparative Plant Transcriptomics


  • Students will explore Next Generaftion Sequencing (NGS) technologies to analyze high throughput RNA-seq data.
  • Students will compare their RNA sequencing data sets to identify patterns across multiple species.

Interested in the growing demand for NGS data?

  • NGS research is pervasive in plant molecular biology research!
  • Its imperative to educate emerging scientists with NGS experimental and bioinformatic skill sets!
  • Employers are looking for biologists with computational skills!
  • More graduate research projects are incorporating experimental approaches using NGS!
  • Enroll in BIT 495/595 Comparative Plant Transcriptomics!


  1. Overview of Next Generation Sequencing technologies
  2. How to design your RNA-seq experiments
  3. Linux for biologists
  4. Building a refernce transcriptome and aligning sequence data
  5. Quantification and normallization of sequence reads
  6. Differential Expression Analysis and GO Term enrichment
  7. Comparing divergence in orthology, synteny, and expression patterns across plant species
  8. Embracing diversity in model organism comparisons

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