Molecular Biotechnology comprises a set of universal laboratory skills that complement academic preparation in disciplines impacted by the life sciences.

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BIT 495/595

Genome Engineering: CRISPR Technology

Crisprimage Offering two sections Spring 2016.

BIT 495/595

Virus Biotechnology: Pathogens to Therapeutics

Viurs Spring 2016-Enroll early in this popular class!

BIT 495/595

Developmental Biotechnology: Embryogenesis

Developmental New Class for 2016!



    Thursday, October 29 at The McKimmon Center. Seminars starting at 1:30p. Featured guest speakers include Jeff Dangl, UNC-Chapel Hill; Anne Yoder,Duke Lemur Center; and Fred Gould, NC State.

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    Oerlogo1 BITS is a new open education resource (OER) containing unique presentations of information on biotechnology-related topics, all created and evaluated by students. Click the BITS link above!

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    Biotechnology Graduate Certificate! If you are not eligible for the BIT minor but want biotechnology experience, check out the MINORS AND CERTIFICATE link above for information and requirements.

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FDA Approves Genetically Modified Salmon

The FDA has approved for consumption an Atlantic salmon engineered to grow twice as fast as its conventional, farm-raised counterpart. Genetically modified salmon contain the growth hormone gene from one fish, combined with the promoter of a gene from another. This combination both increases and speeds up growth, so the salmon grow faster.