NC State has developed central teaching laboratory facilities to serve the campus community training and education needs in molecular biology skills.

Robert M. Kelly, Director

Featured course

BIT 495/595

Mapping the Brain

Brain Explore the potential of cutting-edge technology in modern neuroscience.

BIT 495/595

Virus Biotechnology: Pathogens to Therapeutics

Viurs Engineering viruses for biotechnology purposes; developing viral reagent products for biomedical and therapeutic uses.

BIT 495/595

Gene Manipulation in Zebrafish

Zebrafish Use genome editing and gene manipulation to alter gene expression and create transgenic zebrafish.


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    Biotechnology Graduate Certificate! If you are not eligible for the BIT minor but want biotechnology experience, check out the MINORS AND CERTIFICATE link above for information and requirements.

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Science Daily

Pump up the Protein Production

Researchers have genetically modified yeast to prevent it from metabolizing protein, leading to higher yields of industrially useful products. Cost-effective production of proteins will be essential to revolutionizing the future of healthcare and energy.